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With around 20 years of solid commercial software development behind me, I've been an employee, a consultant, a Director and a freelancer. Still the sole owner of The Card Project Uk Ltd, I'm now able to allocate time as a Freelancer as of August 2017.

I've provided multi million record smart card systems for Nottingham City Transport Ltd, Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Express Transit

The history section below is presented in date order (most recent at the top). For more technical details of any projects I have worked on, see the section My Work.

  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum Programmer
  • DPS8 Mainframe at NAAFI
  • Nottingham City Transport Ltd
  • The Card Project Uk Ltd
Skills Overview
  • Visual Studio Development

  • SQL Server Programming

  • Design and Branding

  • Marketing and Social Media Integration


From the time I borrowed a Sinclair ZX80 from a friend in 1980 I was hooked. In those days you had to type in your program code every time you wanted to run it (unless you were one of the chosen few who had a tape recorder)

My first job title was 'Paper Handler' for the N.A.A.F.I on a Honeywell DPS8 mainframe, all of the coders there were COBOL and I owned a Sinclair QL which ran 'Super' basic. There was all this talk about 'Windows' in super basic, I couldn't see it taking off ;-)

Summer 2016 to August 2017 (Sabbatical)

My self build office I took a whole year out after moving from Nottingham to Doncaster to marry my fantastic wife. It was important that I had a dedicated office for my development work (peace and quiet a must!).... so I built one with my own (now sore) hands!

My 5 metre by 5 metre office is functional but not yet pretty, work comes first. I have been a bricklayer, a carpenter, an electrician, a painter and decorator and everything in between. Never again, I much prefer programming!

I hope this shows the depth of my commitment to my work and my business, I never give up when faced with a challenge!

2013 to 2016 - The Card Project Uk Ltd

Products created for The Card Project include a self help card ordering website (Cards) made with VB ASP NET, Advanced ID Card Design and Print software (IDCreative) using VB Windows Forms, modular fulfilment software (IDProductive) again with VB Windows Forms

There are at least ten related websites associated with The Card Project, all using ASP NET.

My self build office I founded The Card Project after completing my smart card work as a consultant in 2013, I teamed up with a business partner who was to be my marketing expert. This business is still active, but I lost my partner along the way and so it has slowed up pending a marketing push, this is on hold whlist I rebuild a new customer base in my new location.

2011 to 2013 - Nottingham City Council - Smart Card Consultancy

My self build office After leaving NCT Ltd after 20+ years I provided consultancy to Nottingham City Council for whom I had already created multiple smart card related systems (also as a consultant since 2006). They had a concessionary smart card scheme second only in size to the Oyster Card in the UK at that time (over 100,000 'customers').

Many of the systems involved not just Windows Forms and ASP NET but connecting technologies like WCF, web services, SQL Server, etc.

NCC migrated to the transport industry standard called ITSO by 2013, and so The Card Project Uk Ltd was born, my intention to provide smart cards and their systems to SMEs. The technology is only even now becoming mainstream thanks to contactless payment

1999 to 2011 - Nottingham City Transport Ltd - Smart Card Systems Analyst

My self build office In 1999 I moved into what was a brand new IT Department and quickly created a few systems with VBA (behind Excel and Word) and found myself involved with third party half finished software we used to issue our new flagship product, a smart card called EasyRider. As a company the licensing of this software ran into the hundreds of thousands....

I decided to proactively reverse engineer the smart card functionality in .NET, the card technology was Mifare Classic (and later DesFire). It was a success, as a company NCT saved tens of thousands of pounds and inherited incredible control over their own product meaning rapid expansion out to students and other sectors was made possible

1990 to 1999 - Nottingham City Transport Ltd - Accounts Assistant

My self build office The period of my life which didn't involve computing! I worked initially as an Accounts Clerk from the age of around 20 to nearly 30, and had forgotten about my times as a teenager where I was fascinated by computers. This would change towards the end of the 90s when PCs began to find their way into the office

This was the part of my career where I would look at the clock and hope the hours would pass so that I could go home, which is in total contrast to later when I became a developer, I would look at the clock and regret the fact that I should stop programming soon!

1987 to 1989 - N.A.A.F.I - Computer Mainframe Support

My self build office No longer in operation, the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes was my first role in work, I loved it for the best part of two years. However, I wasn't able to program the mainframe, this was for experts who programmed COBOL, and I was a mere BASIC programmer. It was a luxury to work in an air conditioned office back then

There were a row of at least ten tape machines and the removable hard drives I could barely lift to replace them, they held something like 30mb of data

The N.A.A.F.I closed and everybody disbanded, I ended up being a temp working in offices, hence how my next move was as an accounts assistant... but my love for programming would return with a vengeance later!

1980 to 1985 - Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, Spectrum and QL programmer

My self build office The reason I spent so long in Visual Basic was the fact that as a school child I wrote programs on many of Sinclairs computers, my only regret is not knowing how good I was at it, I made some really good software. I recall designing all of the graphics and implementing with POKES and PEEKS in memory

The rubber keyboard was tricky but I think we all owe something to the outrageous Clive Sinclair for changing the way we all live our lives today, if not for the electric car he created!

Drop me a line with your questions

Feel free to send me a message with any questions about your requirements, I'm very happy to talk about software development and offer advice regardless of whether you hire me or not

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