Tel: +44 7449 44 44 63
19 St Marys Drive, Dunsville, Doncaster DN7 4EU

Development Time

My current daily rate is £49 per day, I do at least 7 hours of development time. This service includes any work which involves the allocation of time
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SSD Website Hosting

I can make you a website as beautiful as this one, then host it for £10 per month, fully managed with high uptime and redundancy
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IDCreative and IDProductive

Using any of my stock software for social media posting/branding is only £10 per month giving more advanced social media features
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Got a project in mind? Talk to me now: (Richard) + 44 7449 44 44 63

Website Creation

I can make websites like this one which would take around three days. My development rate applies as this is allocated time - £49 per day
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Bespoke versions of IDCreative and IDProductive

I can set aside a version of my social media and printing software and extend it just for you and your business. Licensing is £30 per month per seat, development time will also be required
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Card Printing Software

I run The Card Project which includes a website for purchasing plastic cards. I also create advanced card ordering scenarios, including smart card systems
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A software developer who enjoys good design

I'm still a coder under the hood, but my websites don't suffer because of that ;-)

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