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19 St Marys Drive, Dunsville, Doncaster DN7 4EU

I'm Richard, a 48 year old experienced Microsoft Full Stack Developer originally from Nottingham and newly settled in Doncaster. I have around 20 years of commercial experience as a developer, the vast majority of my work has been in Visual Studio and SQL Server.

As of October 2017, I have just completed a year out to enable me to build my dream office in the grounds of my home. I love challenges and in the past year i have learned enough about building to change my career.... but that will never happen!

I love jazz, playing the classical guitar and am happily married since August 2015. I have a keen interest in branding but most of all I love to CODE! I spend as much time as I can reading good old fashioned books, at the moment about C#, MVC Core and related technologies.

Skills Overview
  • Visual Studio Development

  • SQL Server Programming

  • Design and Branding

  • Marketing and Social Media Integration

My Mission

I wish to gain new contacts and even friends following a move from my home town. To do this I am prepared to work at very reasonable rates (from £49 per day)

My overall target is to provide valuable services and retain any new customers I am lucky to generate from this website and my marketing efforts, it is important to me that my customers are happy

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