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I work in two broad categories: I can create full stack solutions for businesses including client, database and technologies to connect them. Because I have a keen interest in design, I enjoy making websites too, which I can build from the ground up and even host on my SSD servers

Full Stack means that I'm able to code clients (Windows desktop, web and Windows Ten Mobile) as well as databases (SQL Server, Access) and also implement the technologies to connect and host these end points

Whilst these two areas use the same skillset and tools, they are broadly different as they satisfy slightly different business needs, and so I present them here as two separate areas of my work

Commercial (Full Stack) Development

Smart card development Many of the systems I built between 2002 and 2013 involved issuance of smart cards. These smart cards were Mifare Classic cards encoded with products and travel rights for tens of thousands of customers in and around Nottingham, my software was used in the main Travel Centre for many years and I produced all of the related back office tools for managing the cards.

EasyRider - VB6 issuance software - around 2002

The earliest full system for issuing smart cards was a full VB6 application which connected to an existing third party database (SQL 7 and 2000). The application was used to capture customer images and record any purchases of smart cards and the products in those cards

EasyRider was used by at least 10 users concurrently and in a critical customer facing environment. It did everything apart from encoding smart cards

Axion - VB NET issuance software including encoding - around 2005

After reverse engineering the proprietary code which we used to encode our smart cards, I was able to produce a complete smart card issuance system which would be used by Nottingham City Transport Ltd and Nottingham City Council for years to come, issuing over a hundred thousand smart cards. Many systems used my core encoding classes, more often than not using Visual Studio, VB NET

Tools Used

VB .NET across every version of Visual Studio since 1999, web services, ASP NET websites, Access VBA. SQL Server stored procedures, functions and plenty of DBA knowledge as I was the sole creator and manager of instances of SQL Server which added 1gb of data every month! I built plenty of Integration systems using SSIS, VBA driven spreadsheets for dynamic reporting
IDCreative and IDProductive - 2013 to 2016

IDCreative is a large VB NET Windows Forms application which enables users to make designs for plastic card printing or other media (and now designs for posting onto social media) and is available from The Card Project as a productivity tool

IDProductive is a more industrial version of card printing software which is highly modular allowing maximum code re-use and lowest staff training possible. It is used currently by Nottingham Express Transit.

AxionCity and Backoffice - around 2008

A reworked version of the issuance software was created by me for Nottingham City Council, it used web services to refer back to NCT Ltds database to enable the Local City Council to run their scheme of OAP and Disabled concessionary passes

Website Creation and Hosting

The Card Project Main Website The Card Project Website is a general customer facing business website for The Card Project. Not seen in the website are several landing pages which receive customers from marketing sources such as social media and PPC campaigns. It is made in Visual Studio with VB NET and SQL Server

The Cards Website The Cards Website is a website for the interactive ordering of printed cards, either low volume (turn up, choose, personalise then buy) or as a portal for companies who often re-order. Payment gateway PayPal is integrated and it is trivial for new designs to be added to the website (created in IDCreative). It is also possible for users of IDCreative to order cards of their own design by Uploading to the website

I can host websites to, I host all of these on SSD Servers

I maintain two servers with SSD storage and use IIS 8 on Windows Server 2012 to serve up all of my websites, check out how quickly they load!

IDCreative Website The IDCreative Website was made for hosting on a Card Project sub domain, initially as a catch all landing page for the product, landing pages are now strongly integrated into the other main websites thanks to my own marketing data handling. HTML only

IDProductive Website The IDProductive Website was made for hosting on a Card Project sub domain, initially as a catch all landing page for ID Productive. This website is HTML and CSS rather than Visual Studio but it shows how I can integrate high quality design, as do my other websites.

Support Website The Support Website was made using BlogEngine.NET and contains articles to help users of The Card Project Software and Systems. I have extended BlogEngine in other scenarios too, but am now keen on using Cloudscribe as this solution is very up to date (NET Core) which is where the majority of my development efforts will be

IDControl Website The IDControl Website is a credit based card ordering website, still being used by those businesses who order regularly but wish to pay upfront to save administrationr (for example Pitman Training). An early website, you'll notice that whilst it looks okay it isn't as professional as the other more recent website

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