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19 St Marys Drive, Dunsville, Doncaster DN7 4EU
Desktop and Web Development

Visual Studio is my every day environment and has been since 1999 (Visual Interdev), I've been with Dot NET since the first framework in 2002 and I LOVE working with it. Whilst VB has been my main language, I've worked with good architecture and design patterns for a while so transitioning to C# is a natural progression for me

Database development

I've worked with Microsoft SQL Server since SQL 7, creating and managing databases containing millions of records for the transport industry (70,000 new event transactions per day). I have used SSIS, SSRS and other BI tools to provide data and mining to Directors as an employee and as a consultant.


Most of my work has been in the transport industry (smart card systems) and this grew into card printing for The Card Project who provide bespoke issuance systems. I am interested in social media marketing and dynamic imagery thanks to the years working on print and design software, see My Work section or get more detailed information at my technical blog

Now and The Future

I'm all out loving ASP NET Core C# MVC, any new web systems will be in this new technology. I'm also expanding my knowlegde in Javascript as I plan to work with social media integration for personal and commercial projects

Richard Green's Skills
  • Visual Basic .NET 100%

  • SQL Server 90%

  • C# .NET 60%

  • ASP NET MVC Core 30%

  • Windows Forms 95%

  • ASP .NET 95%

  • HTML 95%

  • CSS 85%

  • Javascript 85%

  • VB6 and VBA 85%

  • MS Access 75%

  • Photoshop 75%

  • Illustrator 35%

Happy to hear from you

Feel free to drop me a message with any questions about your requirements, I'm very happy to talk about software development and offer advice regardless of whether I work for you or not

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